Computer and Video Game Theory for Independent Developers

Also known as, “So you want to make computer games?”

This online course is suitable for anyone wanting to make computer games, or those interested in the thought process required to make your own games. Once completed, you should come away with:

Consisting of 100% animated video content, the course is designed to be informative and interesting for everyone from school children, through college and University students, right up to existing indie developers and those already working in the games industry. Hopefully everyone interested in making computer games will find it gives them food for thought.

With fully subtitled video, split into 47 bite-size chunks, it is suitable for viewing and reviewing whenever you have a few spare minutes. No previous game making skills are required – just a passion for computer games.

Main topic areas covered include:

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About the Author

Having been an active player in the IT industry for decades, I started as a hobbiest game programmer around the age of 10 years old. I have experience of writing software for many, many computer and video game systems from old 8 bit home computers right up to modern mobile, PC and console systems.

I have 20 years experience working in the further education sector, and have also developed professional applications for multiple industries including education, automotive, child safety, medical and gaming.