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Pop the balls! More fun than bubble wrap 🙂
Click on a ball to pop all touching balls of that colour. The longer the chain of balls, the higher your score. Clear all the balls to progress to the next level.

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Somnus – Dream Walker

Tap to jump. Find your way out.

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AnimalZone FaceBoards

Created for the Animal Zone at South Staffordshire College – take a picture of your face (or the face of a friend or family member) and put it on the body of an animal you could find at the Animal Zone!

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Cell Infex

An alien virus has contaminated most of the population. You have to inject a single genetically modified/infected cell into various locations in a patients body to cure them. Any cell which touches your engineered cell will itself become infected. Any that touch those will in turn be infected, and so on. You must infect and destroy a growing number of cells in each location.

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Dinky Racing

A simple to play retro style racing game, inspired by classic games like Super Sprint and Micro Machines. It currently has 24 tracks and three skill levels making it suitable for everyone. It runs on low end Android devices upwards, iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch’s. It works on screen sizes from small phones to large tablets.

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JetPack Parry

In JetPack Parry you must guide your astronaut through the rocky spikes for as long as you can.

With a gentle learning curve it starts off easy so everybody can play. Then it gets more difficult as spikes get closer together and steadily get faster. Eventually some spikes start moving to give it that added bit of difficulty. How far can you get, and can you beat your friends?

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