Binary Chain 2048

Binary Chain 2048


Super-casual ball matching game for mobiles! Two fun game modes, real physics & you can save your game at any point to continue later.

Drop the balls so matching numbers combine. Reach 2048 to make them pop and receive a bonus. Longer chains mean bigger scores!

Available NOW for Android & Chrome OS on Google Play and iOS on the Apple App Store


Check individual country app stores for more accurate ratings


Drag each ball left or right as it appears at the top. Once the timer reaches zero (in a non-casual game) or you release the ball, it will drop.

Balls with the same number will combine. Chain together multiple balls for bigger bonuses.

If a ball reaches 2048 it will disappear and you get a big bonus.

If the last ball reaches the green line then the game is over.

TIP: The higher the number, the heavier the ball. Heavy balls push lighter balls out of the way, but lighter balls bounce more.


“Addictive, brilliant and with a great soundtrack. This is right up there with Tetris. Love it.”
– Jamie S. (Android version)

“A well designed game that is addictive to play!”
– David W. (Android version)

“…And this game is awesome. Love it…”
– Surojit C. (Android version)


The game does not require any permissions that aren’t necessary to display adverts. These permissions are made clear on the related app store. We don’t collect any personal information in the game.


FREE. The game is advert funded so you will see an advert when you start a game, and when you end a game. There are no adverts while you are playing (we all know how annoying those are!).

If you do want to turn off adverts, you can tap the button on the main menu and make an in-app-purchase of around £2.50 (GBP or your local currency equivalent).

Play On Chromebook

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