A motion detection app which uses your device’s camera to take snapshots when movement is detected.


Whether you are a professional Paranormal Investigator, a hobbyist or want to set up a simple alarm system, this app should be useful to you.

By placing your device on a fixed, UNMOVING surface (using a tripod works best) you can point it at an area to monitor. GhostEye will use the camera to watch for movement and take a snapshot when it detects changes in the image.

Features include:

* Full version only


TIP 1: Even a cheap tripod (e.g. from a pound shop) will provide a steady image to prevent your device being affected by motion or vibration. Don’t try to use the app while holding your device as it will detect lots of movement.

TIP 2: The app can be used to catch trespassers in an area by leaving your device plugged into a charger and pointing to the area to monitor.


GhostEye LITE: FREE – but will only store images at 25% or 50% size and total photos is limited to 40 (although you can delete old photos to take more). The full version can save images at 75% and full size, and keep up to 600 photos.

GhostEye: £2.39 (UKP or your local equivalent)

Both versions have NO adverts, NO in-app purchases, and require NO unnecessary permissions.