Seismograph / Seismometer vibration detection app.

Detect vibration and movement using the sensors built into your smart phone or tablet.


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Place your device on a flat, solid surface. Any vibration or movement will be detected so it is useful to detect earthquakes, seismic activity, etc. Your device must have accelerometers to work with GhostVibe – which most now have.
Live data is visible on the screen and is updated roughly 30 times a second.
Tap the screen to pause the app and access the settings.
You can choose one of 4 visualisations for the live vibration data.
The highest readings for each second is saved to the logs once a minute, and also when you tap the screen to pause the app (full version).

Viewing Daily Logs

Click the disk icon to view your daily logs (full version). Pick a day and you can drag the graph left or right to view the data from midnight to midnight.

The arrow buttons will jump straight to the next or previous period of activity.

The share icon will allow you to choose between exporting the full CSV log for the day (where every second has an entry) or just those seconds which have data.


You can adjust the sensitivity of the displayed data by tapping the cog icon.
Dragging the bar left will make it less sensitive, dragging the bar right will make it more sensitive. Some devices have more sensitive sensors than others.
Adjusting the sensitivity will affect the live vibration display and when viewing the daily logs.


This app does not show adverts. It does no contain any in-app-purchases. It does not require an internet connection. The only permission it needs is for storing the log files (full version) and to remember your settings.


GhostVibe LITE: FREE – Does not include daily logging or log viewer

GhostVibe: £3.99 (UKP or your local equivalent)

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