Dinky Racing

Dinky Racing


A simple to play retro style racing game, inspired by classic games like Super Sprint and Micro Machines. It currently has 24 tracks and three skill levels making it suitable for everyone. It runs on low end Android devices upwards, iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch’s. It works on screen sizes from small phones to large tablets.



Finish each track in first place to unlock the next track. You will be racing against 3 computer controlled cars. If you come first on the ‘Slow’ setting you win a bronze medal for that track. Come first on the ‘Norm’ setting and you get silver. Finish first on the ‘Fast’ setting and get a gold medal. Watch out for oil spots which will affect your steering, and water spots which will slow you down.

TIP: Unlock all of the courses by coming first in each one. Then try and get a gold medal in them all. Finally try and beat your own times or those of your friends.

TIP: You can drift (power-slide) around corners to keep that racing line!


Simply touch the left hand side of the screen to turn left, or the right hand side of the screen to turn right. That’s it! No need to worry about acceleration, braking, gears or damage. The emphasis is on easy-to-play. It’s easy to power-slide round corners too!

Update: The Google Play Store version now has keyboard and gamepad support so you don’t need a touch screen to play. This means you can use Android TV boxes, Chromebooks (even those without touch screens) and other devices to play!


5 starsAddictive brilliant fun! Easy to play, hard to stop!

5 starsVery cool… I am going to have to get more tracks with the pay version, because those six tracks were a lot of fun!

5 starsAwesome… This is an excellent example of retro top down racers from the 80’s. Well done!!

5 starsNice retro race game, works well on 10″ tablet screen. Great!


FREE version has 6 tracks – TRY before you BUY
FULL version has 24 tracks – around £1.79 (UKP or your local equivalent)

Both versions have NO adverts, NO in-app purchases, NO time limits and require NO unnecessary permissions.

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