Pop the balls! More fun than bubble wrap 🙂
Click on a ball to pop all touching balls of that colour. The longer the chain of balls, the higher your score. Clear all the balls to progress to the next level.



The full game is FREE with NO in-app purchases. In-game adverts occur between certain levels to help support updates and the development of new games. If you see an advert that interests you, click it to find out more.

World Ranking Scores (Top 10)

  1. Score: 86500
  2. Score: 64220
  3. Score: 63400
  4. Score: 61712
  5. Score: 57463
  6. Score: 52481
  7. Score: 50857
  8. Score: 49319
  9. Score: 46879
  10. Score: 44172
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