Dungeons & Dice

Dungeons & Dice


3D dice simulator for board games and role-playing, from D2 to D20
This app is now available for Android mobile, Chromebooks, and Apple mobile devices!

Roll dice for board games, role-playing games (RPG’s), or just for fun! You’ll never be without dice again.

Features include:

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Available for Android & Apple iOS NOW!


The game does not require any special permissions. There are no advertisements in the app and we don’t collect any personal information.


FREE. The app is free and comes with one complete set of dice (D2, D4, D6, D8, D10, D12 and D20) and one bag to hold multiple dice to role in one go. There are no adverts in the app.

To unlock all available dice and tables, you can tap the “(i)” button at the top of the main menu (or tap any button which requires the full app) and make an in-app-purchase of around £2.99 (GBP or your local currency equivalent). This is a one-off cost and you will be able to use all dice (currently 93) and all tables (currently 8) for the lifetime of the app.

Play On Chromebook

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