Using a completely custom built Artificial Intelligence, GhostAI constructs sentences using the raw data from all available sensors in your device. It can be used by professional and amateur paranormal investigators, or just for fun.


GhostAI is designed to detect the smallest amounts of vibration and movement (along with lots of other sensor readings) and build sentences which it then speaks. This is why it is important that you DO NOT to tap, shake or move your device while using the app or it will see that movement as a trigger. If you insist on moving your device or cannot place it on a solid flat surface, tap on the “Settings” button to turn off the movement sensor, GPS sensor, Gyroscope sensor, light sensor, proximity sensor and rotation sensor – but you will be severely limiting which sensors GhostAI can use.

Quick Instructions

  1. Run the GhostAI app
  2. The first time it runs (or after an update is pushed out) it will build it’s neural net which can take a few seconds.
  3. Place your device on a solid, flat surface.
  4. When prompted, tap the screen and stand back while it calibrates.
  5. Watch and listen for it to detect changes in energy readings.


GhostAI will use all of the sensors it can find in your device to pick up changes in energy. This includes sensors for the tiniest amount of vibration, rotation, GPS, gyroscope, light, magnetic fields, proximity etc. and uses it’s custom-built neural network to construct sentences to display, log and speak. This app uses the actual data from the sensors, passed through it’s own machine learning system taught with thousands and thousands of words to generate the text.

Important Information

There are few things to remember when using the app.

LOGGING: The app logs the sentences spoken for you to view, save, email, delete etc. at a later time. There is also a built-in log viewer. The date and time is logged, along with the sentence, so you can see exactly when the energy was detected. The log files are exported in CSV format so you can import them into your favourite spreadsheet (e.g. MS Excel or Google Sheets), cloud storage, or share them with others via email or social media.



GhostAI: £3.99 (UKP or your local equivalent)

The app contains NO adverts, NO in-app purchases, does NOT require an internet connection to work, and requires NO unnecessary permissions.

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