AnimalZone FaceBoards

AnimalZone FaceBoards


Created for the Animal Zone at South Staffordshire College – take a picture of your face (or the face of a friend or family member) and put it on the body of an animal you could find at the Animal Zone!

This works just like those ‘face boards’ you find at theme parks or at holiday destinations where you put your face through the hole and someone takes a picture. Save the photos to your device so you can email them to others or share them via social media later if you wish.


Loads of fun for kids and adults. This app does not require an internet connection after installation so it can be used anywhere.

NOTE: On Android devices, photos are stored in a folder called ‘pictures’ which is automatically found by Google Photos. On Apple devices, photos are automatically found by the Apple Photos app. Other gallery apps may differ.

The Animal Zone is a miniature zoo at South Staffordshire College. See their website for details of opening times or to learn about the animal care courses that they offer:

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