Whether you are a professional Paranormal Investigator, a hobbyist or just want to have some fun, this app works like a “Spirit Box” which converts energy into spoken words.
Reached No.2 in the App Store iPad Chart!
(Ghostalker, Canada, Lifestyle section, 10th May 2019)


With a database of over a thousand commonly used words, Ghostalker will use all of the sensors it can find in your device to pick up changes in energy. This includes sensors for the tiniest amount of vibration, rotation, GPS, gyroscope, light, magnetic fields, proximity etc. and convert them to words which it will display and speak. This app uses the actual data from the sensors to determine what to say, rather than picking one at random like some other apps.

LOGGING (full version only): The full version of the app logs the words spoken for you to view, save, email, delete etc. at a later time. There is also a built-in log viewer. The date and time is logged, along with the combined change in sensor readings (so you can see how much energy was picked up) and the word. The log files are in CSV format so you can import them into your favourite spreadsheet (e.g. MS Excel or Google Sheets).

CUSTOM DICTIONARY (full version only): You can also manage your own custom dictionary of words so you can make your own special list of replies. You can flick between the in-built dictionary and your own custom dictionary at any time.

This app is not designed to form complete sentences so it is up to you to interpret what it says in your own way. Top end phones and tablets tend to have more sensors than low end ones but the app is designed to work with whatever it can find. The sensitivity of sensors will also vary between devices.

NEW FEATURE (Android version only at the moment): You can disable individual sensors if they are causing issues by being too sensitive, are subject to interference or are not working correctly in your device. To do this, click the ‘Sensors’ button (on the main screen in the Lite version, or under ‘Settings’ in the full version). You can see the readings from each sensor and see which are triggering. By tapping on a sensor you can disable or enable it.

Important Guidelines

There are a few things you need to bear in mind when using this app. It is not like other available apps which may appear to be similar but do not make proper use of the sensors available.

  • Do NOT try and use the app while holding your device in your hand. It must be placed on a steady surface to prevent it picking up unwanted movement and vibration.
  • Do NOT lean over your device if it has proximity or light sensors. Your close proximity can cause those sensors to trigger continuously.
  • Do NOT place your device near electrical devices or mains cables if possible. They can interfere with electromagnetic sensors.
  • Place your phone or tablet on a fixed, stable surface before tapping the start screen. It will count down as it calibrates against background sensor readings.
  • Move away from your device once you have started it monitoring. The app is designed to be left alone, some distance from any people. You should still be able to hear any words being said, and the full Ghostalker app will log all entries which you can always look at later.


TIP 1 (full version only): Using the custom dictionary you can have it reply with special limited words, for example ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘maybe’ when you ask it questions. Or add a series of digits and get the spirits to pick your lottery numbers. Or add the letters of the alphabet so it can work like a Ouija board.

TIP 2: Paranormal investigators believe that leaving such devices running for as long as possible will allow spirits to learn what energy is required to trigger certain words.

TIP 3: If it starts to trigger words constantly you may be getting interference from something close by. Try moving the device somewhere else or tap the ‘Calibrate’ button to get it to tune out background variance (although you will lose some sensitivity).

TIP 4: If you get a lot of interference causing sensor readings to jump around and trigger words, you can try switching your device into ‘flight’ mode. This will disable all networking features but should leave local sensors enabled.

If the app does not do what you were expecting, or there is an issue with it running on your device, please contact me for help.


“I really want to say that this device is so awesome. I have had full conversations by putting the words together and the spirits communicating . I will stick with this one”
– Ghost Angel (iOS version)

“I downloaded this app with a skeptical but open mind. I was greatly overwhelmed and I am no longer skeptical.”
– Quinnambrosiamom (iOS version)

“I’m a paranormal investigator in Connecticut I’m also a evp freak and Gettysburg buff I believe i was talking to a injured solider and a nurse I love this app wicked cool good job guys”
– Robert Sawicki (Android version)

“I downloaded this app expecting to be disappointed and ultimately uninstall. I find myself to be an expert on apps that are fake or capable of providing legitimate results. This one is legit. Yes, some words are not relevant and will pop up just due to a surge in emf. Use airplane mode, then place on a solid surface and calibrate. Using airplane mode will eliminate false positive results.”
– Mrs Anonymous (Android version)


Ghostalker LITE: FREE – but does not contain logging, the log viewer, or custom dictionary features.

Ghostalker: £2.39 (UKP or your local equivalent)

Both versions have NO adverts, NO in-app purchases, and require NO unnecessary permissions.