Somnus – Dream Walker

Somnus – Dream Walker


Tap to jump. Find your way out.

Entered into the Google Play Indie Games Contest (December 2017), Somnus is a unique and modern 3D game with a minimalist style and retro feel. The game was designed from the offset to be as simple to play as possible and accessible to all age groups and abilities. The first 10 levels are free. Use a small in-app-purchase to unlock the rest. The game has been tested to work on everything from very low end Android mobile phones right up to high end phones and tablets.





Tap anywhere on the screen to jump.
Walking into walls will make you turn and walk the other way. Jump higher by bouncing off walls and platforms in a parkour/free running way.


FREE first 10 levels.
In-App-Purchase for remaining levels – £1.19 (UKP) / $1.49 (US) or your local equivalent.

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