Cell Infex

Cell Infex


An alien virus has contaminated most of the population. You have to inject a single genetically modified/infected cell into various locations in a patients body to cure them. Any cell which touches your engineered cell will itself become infected. Any that touch those will in turn be infected, and so on. You must infect and destroy a growing number of cells in each location.

There are special cells already in the body which, if you are lucky enough to find, you can use to help you – such as ones which slow the cells decay or make them grow to a larger size.

The game features a leaderboard across all formats which will give your world ranking.



Simply tap once where you want to inject your cell. Very simple controls but strategic placement is vital. You can select a bonus cell with special abilities (if you have collected any) by choosing it from the menu on the right of the screen first.


The full game is available for FREE but if you enjoy it, please tap the little link at the bottom of the title screen and donate to Cancer Research UK. Any amount, no matter how small, will help them research treatments and cures for cancer. My JustGiving page which makes donating easy is at:


There are NO in-app purchases and NO adverts in this game.

World Ranking Scores (Top 10)

  1. Score: 837
  2. Score: 749
  3. Score: 690
  4. Score: 659
  5. Score: 656
  6. Score: 638
  7. Score: 633
  8. Score: 607
  9. Score: 584
  10. Score: 573
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