Micro Maze

Micro Maze


A dynamically generated maze game. A fun way to exercise your brain!

Solve mazes on your mobile device in this casual and entertaining game. Procedurally generated levels are different every time you play.


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FREE! The full game is totally free to play and to unlock all features.

All 3 difficulty levels and all 4 music tracks are available immediately. There are no in-app purchases and no payments needed.

The app is advert supported so a small ad appears at the bottom of the screen while playing in a maze. To unlock extra features such as robots and maze themes, you need to solve a certain number of mazes and then watch a reward advert – which usually lasts between 15 and 30 seconds. You can choose not to watch the reward adverts and not unlock the features without it affecting the gameplay. In order to see a hint which will guide you where you need to go, you can also watch a reward advert.

This game has taken many hours to create and a lot of work. If you see an advert for something which appeals to you, please click it and help support future app development.

How This Game Can Help Your Brain!

The brain can be thought of as a muscle that benefits from exercise. Solving mazes can help both children and adults to improve focus, increase concentration and enhance memory over time.

The act of solving a maze is defined by neuroscientists as creating a cognitive map of the environment and navigating through it. You use a part of your brain called the hippocampus which plays a major role in learning and memory, both of which are key to finding the solution. Mazes also promote the ability of forward planning and you quickly learn to look ahead at the consequences of taking certain routes before actually taking them.

Over time and with practice, your maze solving will become faster and can help your problem solving skills and even improve short-term memory.

This is a fun way to exercise your brain!

Build Your Own Bots!

If you have access to a 3D printer, you can now print your own Micro Maze robot kits to put together yourself. We have made the STL file and instructions available for free from Thingiverse here:

Micro Maze 3D printed robot

Extra Information

We don’t collect any personal information in the game. The adverts are provided by AdMob from Google. Details and links on the information they collect are available on our Privacy page. If you share a maze by generating a maze code, we log your device’s unique ID to aid with debugging and prevent abuse. This is anonymous and does not contain any personal information.

The AdMob settings for this game have been set to show “G” rated adverts only. This means, “Show only ad content suitable for all audiences, including families and children”.

The game may ask for permission to show you alerts when you first install it. This is purely so it can remind you 24 hours after you last started playing it to exercise your brain. If you do not start Micro Maze (or disregard the alert notice), then it will not remind you again.

The game requires an internet connection to show advertisements and share mazes with friends or online.

Maze codes must be used at least once every 90 days to stay active.

If you enter a code for a maze which uses a robot or theme that you have not yet unlocked, you can still play it but it will use a robot and theme that you do have unlocked.

From time to time, we may release special maze codes to play custom mazes. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page or Twitter feed to get these codes.

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